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Mono Ltd sets and maintains high standards for health and safety

We are acutely aware of our responsibilities to our clients, our workforce, the public and in law. Therefore, we set and maintain high standards for health and safety to ensure that all work is completed safely and efficiently, meeting the requirements of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015).

But we do more than that – we work to minimise disturbance to our clients and to their neighbours, ensuring good relations are maintained with all. Our refined working methods mean that disturbance can be considerably reduced, and we work closely with all our clients to consider their specific requirements. Undertaking as we do generally extensive works, properties are vacated and whilst in our care monitored with linked alarms, 24hr CCTV and night watchmen as required. We aim to safeguard both the property and minimise risks to ourselves and our clients.

More than 20 years of experience means we can anticipate problems and plan accordingly. We follow best practice and work with Clearwater Safety Group Ltd (a dedicated safety consultancy) to ensure we do more than just comply with health and safety regulations.

We then commission, as appropriate, independent site visits to ensure guidelines are being adhered to, including the working practices of any sub-contractors we work with. As a result, we have an excellent health and safety track record. Health and Safety is an integral part of the commissioning of all our projects and we involve you in this process as required.

Alongside Health and safety issues we ensure all insurance policies are appropriate and comprehensive and tailor these as required , adding project specific policies when needed. We maintain a live file on all subcontractor policies and ensure these also are fit for purpose. As a project develops, risk assessments and methods statements are drafted and approved before key stages of site activity are undertaken.

We have extensive public liability, employers and contract works policies in place as well as specific professional indemnity cover for in-house design works for areas such as M&E, piling and extensive below ground works. Full details are available on request.

With insurance, risk assessments and method statements plus  Health and Safety very much at the forefront, we aim to ensure each aspect of risk on site is looked at thoroughly, adhering to industry best standards.

CDM-Advisors to the Principal Designer and the Client

Meeting the requirements of the 2015 Construction (Design & Management) Regulations

The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations cover anything that involves building or altering a structure including domestic works.

One of the main requirements under CDM 2015 is the need for all clients to appoint a Principal Designer (normally the Architect) and Principal Contractor to make sure suitable Health & Safety procedures are in place for the project. As Principal Contractor, a Mono Ltd accepts these duties and works with Clearwater Safety Group to ensure they are in place.

Formerly Registered CDM-Coordinators (RMaPS), Clearwater Safety Group now act as CDM-Advisors to the Principal Designer and/or the Client as well as acting as the safety advisor to Mono Ltd. Clearwater Safety Group carry out the pre-start site inspections and write the Pre-Construction Information Pack to give to Mono Ltd, so they can factor in the legally-required health, safety and welfare requirements. Clearwater Safety Group also act as Mono Ltd’s H&S advisor, making sure they have everything in place to run a safe project. This may include writing the Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan or carrying out site inspections and also:

  • Assessing sub-contractors for their health and safety compliance, and reviewing the working documents supplied.
  • Monitoring safety progress on site.
  • Site Risk Assessments and help with Method Statements to ensure compliance.

Clearwater Safety Group and Mono have been working together for many years – as the client, you benefit from an established relationship between the contractor and the safety consultant that helps to ensure a safer and more cost-effective project.

Find out more about Clearwater Safety Group.

Our Workforce

Dedicated and Skilled

All contractors hold CSCS and CPCS cards and are trained in health & safety standards including site safety programme management training and first aid. We subscribe to schemes promoted in improving hazard awareness and are committed to ongoing training of our workforce.

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